Energy Projects - resources available to Wyoming businesses

Productivity, Quality Assurance and Control

  • Continuous Improvement and Productivity Services - Manufacturing Works assists Wyoming manufacturers, producers and entrepreneurs in increasing their productivity and performance, and strengthening their global competitiveness. They provide consulting services focused on assisting companies to achieve next-level capabilities. Example areas of expertise include continuous improvement, supply chain integration, facility upgrades and quality management systems. More information available at

  • Industrial Certifications Grants - Companies seeking ISO or similar certifications can apply to the Wyoming Business Council for matching funds in two phases. Phase 1 funding is available to assist companies in exploring which certifications are needed and determining a path toward them. Phase 2 funding is available for consulting and actual costs related to obtaining certification. Both phases require a 50% match, up to $10,000 per phase. More information is available at

Procurement and Financial Services

  • Federal Contracting and Procurement Technical Assistance - The Wyoming Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) assists companies in all stages of federal, state, and local government contracting. PTAC services include assistance with small business certifications, free bid match service, SAM and other government registrations, and general contracting counseling. Assistance is available to companies already experienced in working in government contracting and those who wish to explore contracting opportunities. More information and contacts are available at

  • Financial Need Assistance/Analysis - The Wyoming Business Council investments team is available to assist companies seeking financing and can recommend financing paths with various entities including the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), Small Business Administration (SBA), private lenders, equity partners, venture capitalists, angel investors, etc. WBC Regional Directors also are available to discuss needs and make connections. Connect with a WBC team member at

  • Financial Tools - The Wyoming Business Council helps you navigate the process of finding and securing the financial assistance necessary to expand your operation. A variety of programs are available for companies seeking upgraded capabilities, including Bridge Loans, Challenge Loan, Guaranteed Loan Participations, Loan Guarantees, and the Large Loan Program. For more information, contact a WBC Regional Director. The Wyoming SBDC Market Research Center can assist with access to industry financial reports to enable companies to compare their financials to their industry averages. Contact an SBDC Network Regional Director.

  • Industrial Bonds - The Wyoming Energy Authority has the ability to issue industrial revenue bonds for energy facilities and related supporting infrastructure that may include all facilities, structures and properties incidental and necessary or useful in the production or transmission of energy. This may include transmission lines, pipelines and export facilities. More information is available at

Research and Development

  • Small Business Innovation Research - If your company is doing innovative research related to energy, the first step is to contact the Small Business Development Center Network’s WSSI. They are available to assist all qualified Wyoming small businesses and individuals in accessing the funding opportunities provided by the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Programs. They have a program that will assist with application writing to help ensure you have a higher likelihood of being successful in your application. Additionally, the Wyoming SBDC Market Research Center can provide industry research on trends, competition and market size as well as new products and competitions. Contact a Wyoming SBDC Network Regional Director.

  • Research and Development - The School of Energy Resources (SER) at the University of Wyoming (UW) is dedicated to energy-driven economic development for the state of Wyoming. Created in 2006, SER enhances the university's energy-related education, research and outreach. SER directs and integrates cutting edge energy research and academic programs at UW and bridges academics and industry through targeted outreach programs. Learn more at Tara Righetti and Caleb Hill are co-directors of the new Nuclear Energy Research Center (NERC) of Excellence, which is tasked with driving organizational efforts at UW focused on nuclear.


  • Employee Recruitment and Screening - Finding qualified employees today can be time-consuming and your company may not have the resources to ensure successful matches between both employee and employer. The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services (DWS) offers employers the ability to register their openings and examine the labor pool with Wyoming At Work​, the Department's online job-matching system where these and many other like-services are provided to the public free of charge. Additional specialized recruitment and screening services are also available at local Workforce Centers.

  • Workforce Development Training Fund - The Workforce Development Training Fund is a unique Wyoming-based program connecting employers with employee professional development opportunities to increase employee skill attainment. These funding opportunities include:

    • Business Training Grants: Teach new skills or retrain current employees

    • Pre-Hire Grants: Train potential employees before job placement

    • Internship Grants: Structured learning experiences to enhance knowledge and skills

    • Apprenticeship Grants: Development of registered apprenticeship programs where there is a shortage of skilled employees

    • Apprenticeship State Expansion Program: Educate, encourage and scale up Registered Apprenticeships for businesses in Wyoming

    • Pre-Obligation Grants: Work with local economic development organizations and training facilities to develop programs to create and train skilled workforces for jobs required as businesses expand or relocate to Wyoming

  • OSHA Training - Training classes are provided by Wyoming OSHA and include topics such as Excavation/Trenching, Oil & Gas Well Servicing Rules, Residential Fall Protection, 10-Hour Construction, 10-Hour General Industry, 30-Hour Construction, 30-Hour General Industry and OSHA 300 Record-keeping. More information is available at

  • Health & Safety Consultation Employer Discount Program - Through participation in the Department of Workforce Services (DWS) OSHA Division’s Health and Safety Consultation Employer Discount Program, employers may receive a premium base rate Workers Compensation Insurance discount. Applications to participate in the program may be submitted to the OSHA Division at any time and upon approval, premium base rate discounts are implemented in the subsequent calendar quarter. Discount rates are effective for up to three years unless the OSHA Division finds the employer to be in non-compliance with any of the program requirements. Learn more at

  • Federal Bonding Program - The Federal Bonding Program is designed to help employers who are unable to hire or promote otherwise qualified individuals because they could not be bonded by commercial carriers. The bonding program provides free individual fidelity bonding for employers who hire high-risk individuals in permanent, full-time jobs.

  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program - Businesses have the opportunity to receive tax incentives for employing individuals who meet the requirements of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program. This tax credit is authorized until December 31, 2025 and more information is available on this fact sheet.

  • Immigrant Labor Certification: Wyoming employers may wish to hire foreign workers when they cannot fill their positions with workers who are citizens of the United States. The Department of Workforce Services (DWS) can assist employers with applying for immigrant labor certification. The application process assures that the DWS monitors the hiring of foreign labor in a manner that is fair to employers, Wyoming employees, and foreign labor in both agricultural and non-agricultural industries. Certifications are granted or denied at the federal level. More information at

Infrastructure and Facilities

  • Site Location Assistance: Companies expanding to new markets may need assistance in locating communities and facilities better matched to their new capabilities than current ones. The Wyoming Business Council (WBC) team can assist companies expanding within Wyoming to evaluate locations based on various criteria important to the company, such as workforce, housing, available facilities, transportation and logistics needs, access to suppliers, and access to markets. More information is available at or contact Wendy Lopez, WBC Business Recruitment Manager, at

  • Infrastructure Funding through the Business Ready Community Program: Companies expanding in Wyoming may be able to work with their local community to obtain Business Ready Community (BRC) grant and/or loan funding to assist in expanding/building new facilities or other infrastructure necessary for expanding markets. Funding is provided directly to communities who then construct the facility/infrastructure and lease it back to the expanding company. Wyoming Business Council Regional Directors are available to offer direct assistance. Learn more at

General growth services

  • Wyoming Business Council - As the State of Wyoming’s economic development agency, the Wyoming Business Council (WBC) offers programs and resources to help existing businesses of all sizes meet their goals as they mature and grow. The WBC is entrusted with cultivating economic opportunities for current and future generations of Wyomingites. With a wide breadth of experience in recruitment, development, and investment services, the WBC team works hard to create an economic framework so Wyoming businesses and communities can thrive. Learn more and find your Regional Director or another expert to help address your needs at

  • Business Resource Network - The Wyoming Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and the Wyoming Women’s Business Center (WWBC) both offer tools to assist companies in Wyoming at all stages and at no cost, through direct consultation and a variety of training opportunities. Services they provide include

    • Confidential, No-Cost Advising regarding all stages of the business lifecycle

    • Accounting and bookkeeping systems assistance

    • Funding Opportunities Exploration: traditional bank financing, State/federal Loan Guarantee Options (SBA/USDA/SSBCI, etc.)

    • Marketing Assistance: Market Research, Website Review and Analysis, Industry Data, Industry Financial Data, Branding assistance

    • Business and Strategic Planning and Development

  • Market Research - Understanding your market and finding potential customers to take advantage of new capabilities can be challenging. The Wyoming Market Research Center offers no-cost market analysis, target industry profiles, competitive analysis and industry trends research to Wyoming companies at no cost. Companies must be referred into the service by their Wyoming Business Council Regional Director or Wyoming SBDC Regional Director. More information is available at

  • Next Gen Strategic Partnerships - Led by the Wyoming Workforce Development Council, Next Generation Sector Partnerships are regional partnerships of business leaders within one industry, who work together with public partners from economic development, workforce development, education and training, and other community organizations to address the shared workforce and broader competitiveness needs of their industry. A variety of partnerships exist throughout the state focused on different industry sectors including manufacturing, construction, health care, tourism, and more. These partnerships can provide good resources and support to industry leaders. Learn more at

  • Export Market Exploration Assistance - Once relationships with primary contractors or vendors have been established, based on opportunities in Wyoming, it may be helpful to explore further relationships with companies outside the US, to include exporting as a supplier. The Wyoming Business Council offers export training and coordinates international exporting and marketing opportunities to support industry at this stage of development. We work closely with our partners at the US Small Business Administration and Wyoming Small Business Development Center to provide market development services and resources. Companies seeking to further expand markets beyond the US can receive assistance from the WBC via the SBA’s State Trade Expansion Program (STEP). This funding assists companies attending marketing missions or trade events with an international audience with grants covering 75% of costs, up to $4,000.00. The WBC also hosts space at select trade shows throughout the year, funded by the STEP program. Space at these events has NO cost to Wyoming companies attending. Learn more at