This report is separated into three sections based on the phases of possible action: Phase I - Survive; Phase II - Drive; and Phase III - Thrive.

The goal of the Survive phase is to identify immediate or urgent needs caused by or exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. In this section of the report, several immediate and urgent problems identified as part of the planning process are listed. Also in this section, the governor's near-term plans for American Rescue Plan Act, Coronavirus State Fiscal Relief funds are stated.

The Drive phase is meant to further define key problem areas impacting Wyoming's resilience and vitality and impeding Wyoming's growth in the future. In the Drive section of this report, several areas are selected for further planning and study efforts.

Finally, the Thrive phase is meant to encompass the solutions to problems identified in the previous phases or already known to the state. This is the phase for big ideas with long-term impacts. The Thrive phase is yet to start, as the Drive phase has just begun.